Boston Legal’s “Right To Die”

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In tonights Season 4, Episode 16 of Boston Legal, The Mighty Rogues, Shirley wants to end her sick father’s suffering from Alzheimer’s and asks Alan to argue on her behalf.

And when requests were made for administering of a morphine drip, I was reminded of a conversation that I had with Greg in early summer of 1994 when he first told me of and showed me his ‘morphine drip’ prescription.  He passed on 22 August 1994.

When, at the end, and during their ritual ‘quality time’ together that Denny Craig discussed with Alan that should he be in a similar situation as that of Shirley’s father that is his wish and request that Alan be the one to ‘pull the plug’ … I thorughly understood.  And empathized.

I am a firm believer in one’s ‘right to die’!

The Birdman, street vendor at Dupont Circle North dies

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Thanks to a posting in Sam Smith’s Progressive Review / DC CITY DESK dated Thursday, 10 April 2008 I learn of The City Paper’s article by Peter Muller pertaining to the PASSING of THE BIRDMAN OF DUPONT CIRCLE.

Sakhi, who I referred to as the street vendor at Dupont Circle North, was amongst my first subjects when I retook of photography in 1992.  While I have taken several images of him and his stand, over the years, mostly with film … it is those first images that I took of him that now come to mind as I learn of his death.  And, it was those first images of him that I have remembered when, over the years, that I would pass by his vending stand.

A few days after taking the pictures of him, I presented copies to him.  And, as a result, when ever I’d pass by his stand or that we’d encounter each other in the Dupont Circle, we both would acknowledge each other.

And It is those first images of Sakhi Gulestan that I have, since, included in my collection of favorites.

Click the above image by Peter Muller to read the entire article which features a photoessay tribute by Muller.

PBS’s UNNATURAL CAUSES Documentary Series

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Last Sunday afternoon, on WETA, I watched an episode of PBS’s Unnatural Causes:  Is Inequality Making Us Sick?.

The episode, “In Sickness and In Wealth” is a story about health, but it’s not about doctors or drugs. Set mostly in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s a detective story out to solve the mystery of what’s stalking and killing so many Americans before their time. The program uncovers the connections between healthy bodies and healthy bank accounts – and why residents of so many other nations, including many poorer countries, live longer and healthier lives. Solutions, evidence suggests, may lie not in more pills but in more equality.

Episodes #2 and 4, “When The Bough Breaks”/”Becoming American” are listed on this weekend’s and Tuesday’s WETA schedule.

To learn about the Unnatural Causes Documentary Series or to purchase the DVD visit their website.

Green Burials

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Green Burials Return Naturally

I had a brief conversation with my partner when dining at Peter Pan Diner in Fort Lauderdale a few weeks ago regarding green burials.  Which is how I wish to be buried.  And should their be a coffin, my preference is for a very simple pine wooden box.  And no memorial service.  While cremation had always been my preference since some family members may will object, to cremation, I was happy to learn in a news report of green burials.