Let’s start with what this blog is NOT ABOUT.

This blog is NOT ABOUT SUICIDE nor some morbit fascination with death.  While, I am not against suicide or mercy killing nor do I fear death … this site is not about that.

An extention and reflection of my self and, not unlike my art, this site IS ABOUT LIVING.   And, of course, FREEDOM!

F R E E D O M will remain as the main blog in my quest for experiencing and gaining knowledge of the world.

A contemplation since 5 October 2007 when over the weekend of my 54th birthday celebration, in Washington DC, that I reflected on the past 30 years, the actual inpregnation of this blog occured during my March 2008 trip to Fort Lauderdale.

I use the word inpregnation because I will always remember the defining moment when the contemplation morphed into a decision.  Or, more action!

It was late Palm Sunday night when watching TV on 16 March 2008 and reflecting on the events of the preceeding week, in Fort Lauderdale, and their connections to my experiences over past 30 years that I rose up from the right side of the bed which is where I was laying next to my partner who, half asleep, was also watching TV.  And not unlike an epiphany, I then walked over to the desk situated in front of the window, on the left side of the bed,  sat down at the computer, signed onto my Google Documents account and begin writing “The End Of My Life”.

I began the essay with a discussion that I had with my partner when dining at Peter Pan regarding the new interest in green burials.  Though the essay is still under construction this blog, by that same name, not only signals a new phase in my writing and artistic expression but, also, represents another example of my ongoing experimentation with new and creative ways as well as functional techniques by which to archive, publish and edit my work … online.

I first experimented with Google Documents in October 2006.  And then, again, in February and April 2007 in an attempt to archive selections from my book, BLACKOUT, an anthology of writings and photoessays from 1992 through 1995/96.

However, it was when revisiting Google Documents, in the fall of 2007, for better organization of my photography archives and various collections including newspapers, magazines, books and posters … that I learned of Google Presentation.  And, as a result, have since spent a great deal of time contemplating effective, functional and creative ways by which Google Documents and Presentations may be integrated with websites and blogs that best fit my needs.

Attempting to create new memories and a new website that better fits my needs, ElvertBarnes.com was launched on 1 March 2008.  It was also then that I learned of Google Sites.

Launched one month later, on 1 April 2008, and while exlporing matters pertaining to life and death will feature the writings and photoessays of Elvert Barnes that shed light on his personal history.

As a 50 something gay black man who, over the years , practiced integration and as I shed light on in my 30 Years Is Enough Project … I have lived long past the years of the many ‘dead black men’ of my times.

Dead black men that had hauntingly similar experiences and racial stress as have I.



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